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Villa Haas unterstützt Stiftung 22STARS

Helfen Sie uns Kinder in Uganda in die Schule zu schicken


Founder Stella Romana Airoldi went to Uganda to do research for her thesis in international humanitarian law in 2009. Her creativity and wish to help the war affected people have been a direct incentive to establish the social jewellery company 22STARS a few years later in 2013. We give people in Uganda -who are displaced by war and/or live in extreme poverty- a way to help themselves. Our collection is handcrafted using recycled paper beads and consists of modern design with an African touch. Stella works side-by-side with the artisans to create beautiful jewellery. Our profit is reinvested in our social mission to fight poverty.

In 2016 Stella started a campaign to raise money for the many children that are living in the slum area next to our jewellery office and were not going to school and had nothing to eat. A year later the 22STARS KIDS FOUNDATION was established and sends now more than 110 kids to school long-term. Thanks to donations we also provide the children with food, medicine, clothes and toys. Help us by sharing our story, run a fundraiser campaign or sponsor a specific child long term.


Nevo is a nine year old boy, who dreams of becoming a police officer when he grows up, because he wants to keep law and order. Together with his siblings Edwin and Margret, he is living in the Acholi Quarter slum with their father, as their mother run away. They are moving around together during the day looking for food in the streets and sometimes they sell scrub metals or crash stones in the stone quarry to earn money for food till their father gets home. Find their profiles on our website!


Nevo and his siblings have been hanging around our 22STARS office for quite some time until we finally found new sponsors to help them too. Many other kids like Nevo are still looking for support. Please have a look at our website and support the school fees of a child for a few years. Primary school education is only 150 euro per year.


In order to support the 22STARS foundation Stella organizes Social Workations in Uganda for one, two or three weeks. The workations are for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, artists and everyone else who wants to make an impact, like you! We will be in Kampala and Jinja, where our projects are located. We will visit the children and their families in their homes and schools. Short on time? You can also ask for a customized trip and even visit our project for just one day if you are in the area!

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